Wolverine Snikt

Art Center ADV transportation design

The Year: 2099- The Age of Apocalypse
Who: Weapon X aka-Wolverine,Logan, James Howlett
Where: North America-An Alternate (variant universe)
Means of Transportation: Off Road Vehicle
Terran: Destroyed Urban City Roads and dirt Off road
Vehicle: Jeep X
In a world without Charles Xaiver… Magneto is the leader of the X-MEN . Apocalypse with his army of mutants now in control of the world.
Wolferine- James “Logan” Howlett
Wolferine one of the most vicious and most versatile super hero/mutants in Marvel Comics Universe. With the rage os a beast and soul of a samurai, James “logan” Howlett’s life is filled with blood, war and betrayal.
He possesses an accelerated “healing factor”, enhanced senses and bone claws which with his skeleton are coated with adamantium, a type of indestructible metal.
In one reality, Age of Apocalypse, Logan went by the name Weapon X. Weapon X joins the X-Men which are lead by Magneto who has rallied his X-Men to save human-kind and distinguish the evil Apocalypse and his band of mutants. Apocalypse has control of much of North America and has either killed ,or captured for experimentation. Many humans attempt to escape America to Africa or Europe where the Human High Concil keeps a watchful eye for mutant activity.
Apocalypse has control of the eastern sea board with his four “horseman” to divide up the rest of North America. Canada has some refuge with some human hideouts. Central and South America is now a radioactive wasteland. Antarctica is left untouched with the exception of the “Savage Land”, a region filled with prehistoric life and home for a handful of escaped mutants.

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